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Hand forged Benchmade Damascus knives of distinction


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Side Kick Xross Bar LockWelcome to the web sight of Bronk's Knifeworks, the home of the new patent pending Xross-Bar Lock folding knives, Damascus knives,  hand forged benchmade knives, pocket knives a guide to professional knife sharpening, knife sharpeners and the Northwest School of Knifemaking.


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Welcome to my web site.

I began making bench made hunting knives in 1976, using steels such as 154 CM and ATS 34 while living in a small town in Montana; it did not take long to develop a keen interest in carbon steels and Damascus Bowie knives.

I am a self taught knife maker and these past 30 some years of custom knife making, I have been learning as much as I could about the best materials and proper heat treating techniques for making custom knives and for the past decade, teaching the craft of making bench made knives.

I believe that any one who shells out his hard earned cash for a knife should get his money’s worth. I have invested a lot of time in developing my skills and methods and have had to spend much time researching and experimenting in order to get the optimum performance from the steels that I have chosen. I only offer those steels that I have good knowledge of how to properly heat treat and therefore know what to expect in the field.

I like to work with 5160, O 1, 1084, 15N20, 1095, and 52100E steels and they all are unique and each have their own special applications and levels of skills to implement. I also like to work with the new CPM 154 CM steel and like the performance of S30V except for the extreme difficulties of obtaining a mirror finish with it.

I spend a good deal of my knife making time striving to make quality hand forged Damascus knives and pocket knives of distinction and teaching others how to do the same by hosting the bi annual Northwest Hammer In and operating the Northwest School of Knife making in Bothell, Washington.

I invite you to come in and enjoy the various pages in this site and my sister web sites proknifesharpeners .com and My three sites cover a wide range of custom knives, knife making, professional knife sharpening and knife sharpeners. Whether you are a knife collector, a seasoned knife maker a novice knife maker or just like to look at forged Damascus steel, I believe that you will find the information on this site informative and worthy of your time.

I hope that you enjoy looking at the photos of my knives and reading some of the articles as much as I have enjoyed making them. If you are considering bench made knives as a hobby or business, you may be interested in next years Northwest Hammer In or the Northwest School of Knife making.

If you live in the Bothell, WA area and are looking for a professional knife sharpener or a good bench made knife, please drop by the shop at Country Village as I run a knife sharpening service.

Please check back from time to time, I will be adding new things to the site on a regular basis and feel free to visit the shopping cart.


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