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Lyle Brunckhorst of Bronk’s Knifeworks is celebrating his 40 anniversary of making handmade, hardworking custom knives for both the outdoor enthusiast and the discriminating collectors.

Xross Bar Lock Sidekick EDC Pocket Folding knife
Xross Bar Lock Sidekick EDC Pocket Folding knife

Xross Bar Lock

I’m ever striving to keep improving the popular and well received Xross bar and develop new designs around this new patented lock. For more information go to  Xross Bar Lock folding pocket knife

I am almost back in production with the Xross Bar Lock folders, after the big move, and in the process of purchasing a new but smaller mill to fit in the smaller confines of my new location.

Please give me a call for more information 425 478-6809 or e mail me at 


Precision Knife Sharpening
Precision Knife Sharpening

Knife Sharpening Service

I have set up a new professional knife sharpening service shop near Mill Creek.

With 40 years of practice on my belt grinder, I can obtain the same precision as I can with the Edge Pro sharpening system but much faster.

I can also quickly deal with the bolsters, broken tips and blade sway with ease with the belt grinder.

The fact that I have retained my customers for many years is testament to my abilities with my equipment.

I will also be tooling up this shop to continue to make the Xross Bar lock folders and my new line of kitchen cutlery as well as other hand made knives.

Quenching ABS test blade
Quenching ABS test blade

Knife making classes and seminars.

I am working to keep the Northwest Knife making School going as I still get many requests for classes and I do enjoy teaching the craft. I am currently teaching a stock removal class at my sharpening location.

When I have the main shop relocated and up and running, I will endeavor to start teaching at the forge again.

We have had much fun with the classes and the hammer in that followed the week long classes. Although I will not be doing the week long classes, I may at some time hold another hammer in when relocated.


Starfighter Xross bar lock folding knife with Micarta scales, CPM143CM blade, stainless liners and clip
Starfighter Xross bar lock folding knife

The Xross Bar Lock story

The Xross Bar Lock was the brain child of my good friend and former knife making student Dan Pereault who gave me the idea over lunch and a napkin drawing. After several prototypes I had a couple of winning working knife models and have been perfecting them since.

I chose using the CPM154CM powdered steel made by Crucible, for the Xross Bar folders, as I was well experienced with heat treating 154CM and its sister ATS 34 steels and generally liked the original steel from the beginning.

However this steel has been vastly improved by not allowing the steel to cool slowly in an ingot as normally done and instead spayed as a molten metal into a dry nitrogen chamber to freeze the steel instantly into homogeneous microscopic beads.

This operation prevents the different alloying metals from pooling or collecting together into their own puddles and impairing the alloying qualities to fully benefit from the alloying properties. These beads are later placed in a can and heated to welding heat and hydro-statically forge welded before being rolled into bars or sheets of superior alloy steel.

The Xross Bar Lock story.


Bronk's Knifeworks sharpening service
Bronk’s Knifeworks Knife Sharpening Service

Bronk’s Knife Sharpening Service

These are exciting times for Bronk’s Knifeworks and knife sharpening service with a new shop and we look forward to many more good years in the knife making industry and invite you all to come visit and talk knives.

I am located at the North Creek Valley Grange location at 19510 Bothell-Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA 98012 just a little South of Mill Creek.

I am situated across the street from and just a hundred feet or so south of Lombardi’s restaurant and right next to the South side of Tiles for Less.

I am not visible from the street so look for our new location and brand new building behind Wise’s key shop. Follow the sign. You will be able to see my shop once you have entered the parking lot right next to the Taco truck

Kershaw Shun
Kershaw Shun

For more information regarding pricing etc, please check out

My current working hours are from 10:00 to 5:00 Wednesday through Saturday

Shop address; Bronk’s Knifeworks & Sharpening Service, 19510 Bothell-Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA 98012

If you can dull it, I can probably sharpen it.


Mailing address; Bronk’s Knifeworks, 2020 Maltby Road, Suite 7, PMB 180, Bothell, WA 98021

Contact at
Phone; 425 478=6809

l%26l_dropI am offering the Double L Hoof Knife for sale as the sale of property that my last shop occupied for the past 20 years has left me without the facilities to continue on with production and keep up with my other ventures as well.

The Double L Hoofknife was a good income for some time and I had many loyal customers due to the high integrity of the knife.

Anyone interested in purchasing the Double L Hoof Knife business, please let me know as I have decided to cut down on the number of projects that I do in order to keep up with the high quality of what I do. I can sell you the specialized tools that I have created just for this knife and train you as well in producing the best production made hoof knife in the business.