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King County Specialty Stores The total guide to Specialty Stores in the King County area.

The ABS members offer much in the line of custom knives, pocket knives and other fine Damascus knives.

The Apex EdgePro knife sharpener

Xross-Bar Lock Two years in development, the Side Kick is my first mid tech production folding knife.

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  Side Kick First run of 20 offered with blued titanium liners & pocket clip, carbon fiber scales. Now in production.

To Purchase the Side Kick to to my Shopping Cart.

Flip and your open

Open Locked and Ready

The strong and sturdy double Locking system is on Top

Side Kick, Xross-Bar Lock

Now starting production, it was a sensation at the Blade Show West.

The Side Kick is very light at a mere 3 oz and yet very strong as it sports titanium liners and clip, carbon fiber scales and hand finished CPM 154CM powder metallurgical steel blade


Early prototype

Xross Bar Star FighterStar Fighter Click on image for larger picture

The Star Fighter has wrung out a few more changes in the already great Xross Bar locking system.

The lock was milled at a 7 degree non stiction fit and allowed to wedge into the blades lock slot for a tighter and solid fit up. The locking tab was bent at a 20 degree angle before milling in order to travel completely into the lock receiver slot of the left liner for a redundant and extra strong lock up. The lock tabs detent location was milled flat after bending so that it could be drilled at a right angle and retain the proper angle in relationship with the blades detent hole.

The new version also has replaced the teflon bushings with ball bearings so that the pivot pin can be tightened up for a play free lateral fit and still swing with little effort.

All in all, this makes for a knife with a very free and easy opening blade that stays closed until called upon. It also make for a very strong folding knife with great lateral stability.



The Fjaer Tactical produced by the folks at Seiki, Japan.


Cross Bar Lock Folding Knife

Engineered for strength:

When Dan walked in to my shop and showed me his new lock design I got excited because I knew that I was looking at one of the greatest locking mechanisms ever designed for a folding blade.

Why Mid Tech? This locking system is challenging to make in the normal work shop and would require a large price to build a one of a kind of knife. In fact, one of the designs proved to be impossible to make in my shop without the use of a water jet machine. By having some of the difficult chores done with a CNC machine based on AutoCad drawing, I can keep the time down to about the same amount of time as making a standard liner lock knife.

This lock can lend itself to a variety of type and shapes of knives however and will be used in a variety of folder designs over the upcoming years. I'm sure that I will still be dreaming up new folders centered around this lock for years to come.

We are finished with the final adjustments to the design and development and we are making a few of these knives now. I expect to be at Blade Show West with bells on and at the Atlanta show next summer of 2008.

These views, of some of the prototypes, will give you a better idea of how the system works.


And this view of Dan's design, the "Fjaer Tactical" shows you just how far we can go with new ideas all centered around this great lock.

This model is being produced by the folks at Seiki, Japan where they know how to make the worlds finest cutlery because they were the first to pioneer the new space age steels with laser cutting technology.

The knife is all stainless with the blade being VG10 that has a double grind for a stronger point and a fine cutting edge.

The extended tang on the Cross Bar Lock folder gives the blade both more lateral stability and tremendous leverage with lock up.

Dual Locking for safety; It has some similarities with a liner lock in that the liner or handle is sprung laterally in order to secure lock up, but the similarity ends there. This system actually has a redundant lock in that the lock up occurs with engagement with the blade tang and becomes even more secure when the lock swings into the far liner or handle for a Fort Knox like bar lock. Due to the extended tang we get a tremendous amount of leverage on the lock up.

I will be developing very soon a couple of new models using the patent pending "Xross-Bar Lock" and these are more tactical in nature.

The “Star Fighter is the first of the tactical folders based on the patent pending Xross-Bar lock.

The lock is a spring driven bar that swings across from one liner side and locks into a slot in the other liner side, somewhat like placing a timber across the door. This makes for a very positive and strong locking system. The lock also locks under a tab extension on the tang for a secondary lock up and will act as a backup in case the first lock slot should become full of lint etc and fail to receive the lock bar.

 This locking system has allowed me to design a very positive finger flip tab to open the blade one handed and it doubles as finger stop and a full quilion guard.

Assembly of the knife is simple as only two screws on each side hold the knife together along with the pivot pin which is a full 1’4 inch on the “Star Fighter”. With the exception of the pivot pin and blade studs, all screws are received into the spacer bar making the spacer bar, blade and pivot the only threaded parts on the knife.

The handle screws are offset on each side from each other so as to allow a full amount of threads for the handle screws in the spacers bar. The screw holes for the pocket clip are also threaded in to the spacer bar and can be utilized from either side for both right and left hand operations. This should alleviate any tendencies for any of the screws, such as the pocket clip screws, to strip out or loosen and should make this knife one of the strongest and foolproof knives made today.

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