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King County Specialty Stores The total guide to Specialty Stores in the King County area.

The ABS members offer much in the line of custom knives, pocket knives and other fine Damascus knives.

The Apex EdgePro knife sharpener

Hand forged Damascus tomahawk. Many of my tomahawks are Damasscus bu I also make a true fighting tomahawk and throwing tomahawks with the spring steel tomahawk line      

Hand Forged Damascus Tomahawk


Spring Steel Throwing Tomahawk

 The style of these hand forged Damascus tomahawks and the hand forged spring steel tomahawks are reminiscent of the early Native American Tomahawk or Indian tomahawk. All of the tomahawks would make first class battle ready fighting tomahawk, and will stand up if used as a throwing tomahawk with an appropriate handle.

The Damascus tomahawks are begun with a pattern welded billet from such steels as 15N20 and 1084. First a Damascus pattern billet is stacked with additional strips of 15N20 and 5160 spring steel, for the center core of the blade, and then forge welded so that the pattern is on one side of the bar only and the spring steel core on the other.

The bar is now heated and wrapped around the eye mandrel and again forge welded at the blade halves and then forged into a hawk blade. The Damascus side is left on the outside layer and the 5160 to the inside to form the core. The Tomahawk is hardened and spring tempered after it is cleaned up on the grinder. The Damascus tomahawk can be brought to a high polish and blued or it can be satin finished and then etched to show off the contrasting patterns in shades of gray. This makes for a very beautiful and sturdy tomahawk.

The spring steel hawks are made from 5160 spring steel and low carbon steel to make a very tough but attractive blade. The eye is forged from a ring of heavy duty low carbon steel and welded solidly to the blade. The hawk is then forged into shape, ground, hardened, spring tempered, and sharpened. Some of the tomahawks are also highly polished and then blued.

The  mandrels used to form the eye of the hawk are made to exacting specifications taken from standard handles so that replacing the handles is an easy chore if necessary.

Some of the tomahawks are straight forward and can be priced standard. Some of the Tomahawks are more unique and will require various amounts of work to build. Therefore the price on some pieces will vary such as the Damascus Tomahawks.

I should be noted here that all of the hawks are forged individually and no two tomahawks are quite the same. I should be further noted that although the mandrel is standard size, slight variations will occur and will require the handles to be fitted by hand. And as always a fitted handle will perform better anyway.

A satin finish & blued tomahawk with ash handle will run $150.00

Damascus Tomahawks are priced individually.

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