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Hair shears
Hair shears 

Beauty salon hair shears require great care and a correctly sharpened edge to perform well and not tire the beautician.

Nothing can be more tiring than working with dull tools and can also be dangerous as well. Working with properly sharpened tools not only help prevent fatigue and stress but also will result in better results that will make for a better job done.

I have over 40 years of experience of making high quality cutlery and sharpening a wide variety of cutting instruments.

There are many factors that contribute to better results such as tool design, ergonomics, proper selection of materials and heat treating to ensure that the tool can both take and hold a good edge. From farriers hoof knives, used to trim the hoof, chef knives, for food preparation and an endless list of things sharp, I have done them all.

I have decided to add hair shears to my sharpening list, although I have been sharpening them for some time but never advertised that fact.

I normally charged $20.00 to sharpen them and will for a while offer a special introductory price of $15.00.

Like every thing that I sharpen they will be in good hands and the performance will be well worth the price.

Please visit

bronksknifeworks.com/bronks-knife-sharpening-service/ for more information about my sharpening services.

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