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Available Sidekick Xrossbar folder $900.00
Available Sidekick Xrossbar folder $900.00

Titanium bolsters, Ti clip and jeweled Titanium liners

CPM154CM blade and bone Micarta handle.

Ball bearing pivot makes this flipper silky smooth.

Patented Xrossbar technology for strongest and double lockup on the planet


Xross Bar Lock Sidekick EDC Pocket Folding knife
Xross Bar Lock Sidekick EDC Pocket Folding knife

Welcome to the web sight of Bronk’s Knifeworks, the home of the new patented Xross Bar Lock EDC pocket knife and the tactical folding knife.


For the past several years I have been busy developing the patented Xross Bar Lock EDC pocket knife and other tactical folding knives, including the Side Kick EDC pocket knife and the Starfighter tactical folding knife.


The sole purpose of developing the Xross Bar Lock EDC pocket knife was to create the safest and strongest folding knife possible for both the military such as the Starfighter tactical folding knife and for the rest of us is its equal, the EDC pocket knife Sidekick or every day carry knife which works equally well for the sportsman.

I wanted to create a unique, classy, hard working, highly functional, reliable and easy one handed operating knife and one that I would carry myself as I have. It is my constant companion.

My goal is to see the Xross Bar lock  in wide use as I believe that it is superior to the liner lock for both safety and strength and safer that any other lock used today.

Xross Bar Lock folding pocket knife, TAD edition
Xross Bar Lock Triple Aught Design

The Xross Bar Lock Sidekick

The Sidekick new design model, left, has a strong titanium liner and lock, sports titanium bolsters and clip, a flat ground and stonewashed CPM154CM blade and  G10 scales. Shown is the Triple Aught Design.

I have made two runs of this EDC pocket knife for Triple Aught Design, the original design and the new redesign that incorporated both the safety, control and feel of the Starfighter model.

I was amazed at how fast these TAD knives were snapped up once delivered and is good demonstration of how well folks value what they sell on their web site and in their San Francisco based stores.

The Sidekick sports a 3.25″ CPM154CM flat ground blade, anodized titanium liners, lock, pocket clip and bolsters with Micarta scales. I have built a couple prototype versions of it that is 85% size, for those who prefer a smaller pocket sized knife. Not quite yet into production as I’m improving on the design still.


Specs. Sidekick; Blade 3.25″, Overall length 8.1″, Closed 4.88″

Specs. Sidekick 85%; Blade 2.82″, Overall length 6.88″, Closed 4.05″



Starfighter Xross bar lock folding knife with Micarta scales, CPM143CM blade, stainless liners and clip
Starfighter Xross bar lock folding knife


The Xross Bar Lock Starfighter

The Xross Bar Lock Starfighter, right, was originally equipped with stainless steel lock, clip and liners as at the time titanium was not available. It also sported a CPM154CM blade as well.

The Micarta scales were CNC machine contoured and grooved for superior gripping action and brings out the natural beauty of the layered material. This knife was featured in Tactical Knives as well as Blade Magazine.

Specs. Starfighter; Blade 4″, Overall length 9.4″, Closed 5.6″

I have parts to make only a few of the original Starfighters and will make a couple minor design improvements before committing to titanium.


Damascus Xross Bar Lock Sidekick folder
Damascus Xross Bar Lock Sidekick folder

Sometimes you just have to fire up a forge and get creative. Here is one in Damascus. The handle is actually Micarta but looks natural.

This little beauty sold for $1,500.00






Sidekick Xross bar
Sidekick Xross bar

Sidekick, work in progress
Sidekick, work in progress












This unique lock was developed by knife maker C. Lyle Brunckhorst in collaboration with designer engineer Dan Perrault and is one of the strongest locking mechanisms ever created.

The angular shaped liner locking tab travels to the left, engaging directly into the slotted tang of the folding blade, with the trailing lock tab edge and continues into the left liner slot, with the leading edge, making the lock both redundant and ultra strong for that solid and safe feeling. This makes a lock that is nearly as strong as a fixed blade knife. Additionally, by moving the lock to the spine, it keeps fingers away from the blade.

The mirror polished blade is formed from high performing CPM154CM stainless steel, ensuring a keen, long lasting edge.

Titanium liners, bolsters and the pocket clip have been anodized to a deep blue. By using titanium, Lyle has kept this folder light in the hand.

The scales are formed from micarta, one of the most durable materials used in knives. The pocket clip can be provided for either left or right handed carry.

Product Description for Xross Bar Lock Sidekick Folder
Nice fit and finish throughout!
Model: Sidekick folder
Blade length: 3.50 in.
Total length: 8.00 in.
Blade height (at heel): 0.95 in.
Blade thickness (near bolster): 0.12 in.
Blade thickness (at midpoint): 0.11 in.
Blade thickness (near tip): 0.04 in.
Item weight: 4.40 oz.
Blade: Mirror polished CPM154 stainless steel

Anodized Titanium bolsters, liners & pocket clip
Handle: Ivory/bone Micarta
Lock: Xross Bar Lock
Price: $900.00 and available.





With the move to a smaller space, I purchased a new smaller mill and now have it ready to mill some folder parts.









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