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Celebrating 40 Years In The Knifemaking Industry

Bronk’s Seattle – Bothell Knife sharpening service

moved to a new location on February 2016

My mission; Bronk’s Knifeworks and Bronk’s Knife Sharpening Service of Seattle – Bothell  is dedicated to providing the highest quality handmade cutlery and to provide our customers with a five star knife sharpening service.

My sigh was vandalized and I’m in the process of getting up a new one.

We had been operating a knife sharpening service in Country Village until a portion that my shop was situated on changed hands. I have erected a brand new knife sharpening service building to continue serving the Seattle and Bothell area with professional knife sharpening service. The new shop has been open for business since Wednesday February 17th 2016.

Bronk’s Knife Sharpening Service can tune up your cutlery, hair shears or garden tools to exceed the original factory edge and also sharpen a variety of other items as well, such as fabric shears, wood chisels and mower blades. For more information regarding pricing etc, please check out or scroll down the page.

Running a $10.00 special on hair shears to introduce my services to the beauticians trade.

Our New Location

We are only 20 miles from downtown Seattle.

I am now set up at the North Creek Valley Grange location at 19510 Bothell-Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA 98012 near Mill Creek across the street from Lombardi’s restaurant. I am situated on the South side of Tiles for Less and directly behind Wise Key Shop. If you need a key made or a lock smith to break into your strong box, these are the guys.

Look for our new location and brand new building behind Wise’s key shop. You will be able to see my shop once you have entered the parking lot right next to the Taqueria Taco truck, which by the way is some darned good grub, if I say so myself.

If you can dull it, I can probably sharpen it.


Sharpening a blade boils down to removing metal in the right places until what is left is a sharp and polished angle of steel. If the angle is too steep the blade will not be very sharp, if it is too shallow the blade will be sharp but too tender to hold an edge. Different tasks will dictate different angles a blade should be sharpened at.

For more information regarding pricing etc, please check out

My current working hours are from 10:00 to 5:00 Wednesday through Saturday

Shop address; Bronk’s Knifeworks & Sharpening Service, 19510 Bothell-Everett Hwy, Bothell, WA 98012

Mailing address; Bronk’s Knifeworks, 2020 Maltby Road, Suite 7, PMB 180, Bothell, WA 98021

Contact at

Phone; 425 478-6809

Seattle – Bothell Knife Sharpening Service

Belt Sharpening System
Belt Sharpening System

Yes I now accept credit cards again with Square

Digging a basement with a tea spoon:

Sharpening a dull knife with a fine grit stone, that is meant to polish the final edge, is too fine to remove metal and is similar to using a tea spoon to dig a basement.

Using a coarser stone for the job can still be laborious as well and takes time and patience. For a professional to sharpen these dull knives by hand is not cost effective and can be very expensive. On the other hand, someone who is not knowledgeable or careful can ruin a blade by over heating it with power driven tools.

Then again there are motorized sharpeners that do poor job at best of sharpening and can chew up a blade in short order. No wonder folks have trouble keeping their knives sharp.

Precise Knife Sharpening
Precise Knife Sharpening

Holding a knife to stone while sharpening at the proper angle can be difficult but there are a few sharpeners now that can take the guess out of that part of the equation.  The Edge Pro system is one of these systems and I use one occasionally but I still prefer the belt grinder for the benefit of speed.

After years of standing at the belt grinder, it feels like just an extension of my arm and it saves me much time and my customers money for sharpening services. There are knife sharpeners who charge over two dollars an inch for their services and more for extras and they are no doubt good at what they do.

I’m often asked now often to bring in knives for sharpening and the answer is whenever you can’t cut anymore safely or easily with the blade. Often you can bring a blade back to use by a few strokes on a steel or by a quick few strokes on a ceramic stick like the Spyderco Sharpmaker.

A professional service comes into play when it becomes difficult to bring up the edge quickly or when the blade develops sway or some other abnormal shape.

Sharpmaker by Spyderco
Sharpmaker by Spyderco

Quick touch ups can be accomplished by Spyderco’s Sharpmaker in between sharpening and some even use it for major edge repair


Average blade

$7.00 per knife up to 8”, then $1.00 per inch extra for longer blades

Double Bevel Edges;

Some shops expound on the double bevel ground edge and that basically is what I normally do as standard fare. I first bring up the edge angle and then if needed, I will grind in a shallower angle at the edges heal, for better performance. It is then finished off by polishing with finer grits until razor sharp resulting in an apple seed shaped edge that is strong and long lasting. Some blades will require an actual blade thinning however.

Edge Thinning.

One of my customers had a concern that I had not stopped to think about, concerning the thinning of a knife edge. I really appreciate that she brought it up so that I can address the issue. Thanks Jennifer.

I had thinned her Heckles chef knife, that she has owned for many years, without first asking her permission and she feared that I may have lost some integrity of the knife.

First off, that is a very viable concern and yes, she is right, a novice or incompetent sharpener could thin the blade too much and lose the stiffness and integrity of the edge. 42 years of making and sharpening knives however, has giving me a quite confidence and constant alertness to those possibilities.

However the main thing that came to mind, is the fact that I seldom notice before I establish the new edge, is whether or not the blade is within the good range of thickness or if it does need a little thinning. Most of the time, I can spot whether or not a knife needs a lot of thinning, but it is difficult to establishing on most knives before I establish a new edge. Then I can see how wide the edge angle is.

I always ask my customers if I can thin the bolsters on those that have that blob of metal at the back of the blade, in order to make it easier to maintain a proper shape for using the knife on the cutting board. Maybe I should include asking permission to thin a blade if I deem that it benefit the knife and make it cut better.

The reason that a knife becomes thicker at the edge is because most of the blades are ground with a taper from the edge to the spine, which is left thicker to give the blade some strength and stiffness.

Blades are ground from approximately 1/8” stock, some thinner,  up to ¼” stock or even more. A good average grind will leave the edge for most blades about 0.020” thick. A least that is what I shoot for with most of my blades that I make. Some blades are ground thinner such as straight razors and the Japanese laminated cook’s knives. These very thin blades cut very well but are very delicate and fragile.

As the knife becomes dull and is repeatedly sharpened, the blade becomes narrower and the edge moves towards the thicker spine of the knife. The closer the edge approaches the spine, the thicker it becomes.

Some blades will require more that just an edge thinning after much use and will require the entire blade to be thinned. This usually requires an extra charge for these services.

Blade Thinning:

$3.00 per inch or $20.00 for average chef knife
With use and multiple sharpening, a blade becomes thicker at the edge and cuts much less efficiently. Thinning the blade will extend the knife’s usefulness and make cutting chores much easier. It is accomplished by grinding the blade bevel at a very low angle, high up towards the spine of the blade, until the edge is again at the proper blade thickness and then giving the blade a new finish. Similar to the double bevel but much more extreme.

Serrated knives

$1.25 per inch. Serrated blades are normally sharpened on the flat side only but will eventually remove the serrations and will leave you with a regular knife. It is impossible to maintain the serrations as different manufacturers use a wide variety of sizes and shapes of serrations.

$7.00 Cleavers are made in different thicknesses to accommodate different tasks. They can be sharpened for heavy chopping or for fine chopping.

Some swords were never factory sharpened and may take considerable work to establish an edge and if it is etched with false hammon, the etching may be ground off in order to obtain a proper edge angle. Please inquire for estimate.
Reconditioning the Blade

Reconditioning the blade tip by Straightening or regrinding $3.00. Sometimes a blade tip will be bent or broken by dropping the knife to the floor or by using it to pry with. I will attempt to straighten the tip but about 1 in 20 will break in the attempt and then I will simply regrind the blade to a new shape before sharpening.

Cracks and Blade Sway: Level blade & bolster $3.00, Reshape bolster by hollow grinding $5.00
Most knife sharpeners will remove more metal between the bolster and the forward curve of the blade, leaving the cutting edge sway back and off of the cutting board in use. This needs to be addressed in order to use the knife on the cutting board properly.

I also check the blade for cracks, chips and blade sway and regrind the blade and bolster to remove these problems. I further recommend thinning the bolsters by hollow grinding them down to the thickness of the blade edge in order to make clearance for both cutting and re-sharpening.

Hair Shears $20.00

Fabric shears $7.00 pair.
Knife Edge $10.00

Kitchen shears $6.00

Machetes $15.00

Axe Start at $7.00 and can run a bit more if it needs a lot of work to bring back to correct edge geometry.

Grass loppers and other garden tools sometimes need to be disassembled to be sharpened as well as cleaned and oiled. This makes it difficult to set a price as time can vary to each task. Shop time is set at $50.00 per hour.

Chisels and planner blades are best hollow ground and then hand sharpened and come under shop time. Average price $7.00.

Face book

These are exciting times for Bronk’s Knifeworks and the new knife sharpening service shop. I look forward to many more good years in the knife making industry and invite you all to come visit and talk knives.

Although it is possible to find a place, in the Seattle area, to spend more money on knife sharpening, you are going to experience some great difficulty in finding better service.

Are your knives truly sharp?

One simple test is to see if your knives slice a page of phone book paper or cut through a tomato skin with out smashing it?

If you really want a good test for extreme sharpness, fold over a page from a slick magazine into a U shape and slice out a section of it. I learned that trick from long time friend Bob Kramer.

A sharp knife can make a big difference in the kitchen or any other cutting task for that matter and take the work out of it.

These tests, for sharpness, are simple but tuning up the knife to that degree of sharpness can be daunting for the beginner, especially if the knife has been used hard or abused.

A professional knife sharpener can bring back new life to a knife that has been seriously damaged or dulled by years of use and he can also show you how to maintain that edge as well

Knife sharpening service is often more than just grinding or honing a sharp edge on a blade.

Doing the job right is often a combination of removing the sway, developed in the edge by continued sharpening, so that the blade will contact the cutting board again, allowing the knife to cut all the way through those carrots.

It is also necessary to thin the blade in order to allow for easy cutting and I do that somewhat as a part of normal operation, however the blade may require, in time, a significant regrinding to regain it desired geometry.

I also like to remove that pesky part of the bolster, on some chef knives, that obstructs proper sharpening and usage of the blade.

I could never really figure out why some companies insist on putting a blob of useless metal where it has absolutely no purpose. It stands squarely in the way of cutting or proper sharpening.

For more info on how to keep your cutlery in tip top shape check out sharpening guide

For more info on professional sharpening services and pricing service guide

or if you would like a second opinion, take Nate Ouderkirk’s advice KitchenKnifeGuru

Stop in for a chat, or maybe have a knife or two tuned up.

Although much of my knife making equipment is still being set up, I am in full operation as far as sharpening my customers cutlery, scissors, garden trimmers etc.

I am again making the Xross Bar Lock folders. Check out the future of folding knives


  • Everett, WA 6/30/2016

I took 3 of my kitchen knives to Bronk’s and had a great experience. Not only is Lyle an upstanding, amazing guy to talk to but this guy can friggin sharpen a knife like no ones business! I was washing my knife with a sponge today and it straight up slit my brand new sponge! Oh and he sharpens them fast! I caught him when he wasn’t busy so it only took him 20+/- minutes for all 3 🙂

I wish I didn’t push off sharpening my knives month after month, so that I could have seen Bronk’s Knife Works when it was at the Country Village :/

Note: His location location is NOT visible from the street. It’s a small wooden type shed between F&F Auto Clinic and Tile For Less.

    • Everett, WA  11/25/2015
  • Found this place by accident as I was driving through and I’m glad I did. I stopped by this morning to get my folder sharpened and have the tip repaired. I expected to drop the knife off and come back a few days later. Nope the owner Lyle had it done Ina matter of minutes. When he was done it was the sharpest knife I’ve ever had sharpened before. Best $5 I’ve spent in a long time!While looking around his shop I got the opportunity to look at his other work. Lyles love and craftsmanship is top notch. Every blade is one of a kind and very high quality.Finding a great knifesmith is hard to find. I’ll be keeping this guy in my phone book.
    • Bothell, WA 2/20/2016
  • I love cooking and I love my knives.
    I took an assortment of knives over to Lyle for sharpening.
    Wow!!! What a difference. He did an impeccable job. Lyle had them ready for me the next morning and charged me a very reasonable price.
    Thanks Lyle.
    • Mountlake Terrace, WA 5/31/2015
  • It might be 5 stars because I haven’t had sharp knives in a while.  The gentleman that works there, I presume the owner, also offers knife making classes on equipment that he made himself.  I’m glad to have a small local business around that does this.